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Martin Yorston

Martin D. Yorston embarked on his musical journey in the vibrant 1990s, initially guided by his uncle, who introduced him to the world of music in local pubs, where vinyl records spun and melodies filled the air. These early experiences served as the cornerstone of his enduring love for music. As he ventured further into the music scene, he found himself drawn to different DJs, each offering a unique sonic journey. Engaging in conversations about music with fellow enthusiasts became a source of immense joy and inspiration for Martin.

However, it was in the year 2020 that Martin's life took a significant turn. He made the bold decision to step into the DJ booth himself, sharing his passion for music through Facebook and YouTube videos. The response from the online community was overwhelming, as people began to take a genuine interest in his creative endeavors. This outpouring of support served as the fuel that ignited his determination to dive even deeper into the realm of music.

In late 2022, Martin made another pivotal choice: to become a music producer, embarking on a thrilling journey of crafting his own tracks. Along this transformative path, he received invaluable guidance and advice from seasoned DJs and even renowned artists. This experience elevated his connection with music to unprecedented heights, setting his sights on collaborations with established music labels, as he aimed to push the boundaries of his artistry.

Being a part of music labels proved to be a revelation for Martin, breathing life into his aspirations and making him feel as though he was living the dream he had long yearned for.

Musical Influence: When Martin engages with music, whether in its creation or enjoyment, he does so with an unwavering passion. Music isn't just a task; it's a profound and deeply emotional experience for him. He firmly believes that to truly savor what you do, you must immerse yourself in the passion that music exudes. When a musical piece reaches completion, the joy he feels resonates not only within himself but also with those who have the privilege of listening.

Quote: "Everybody possesses a dream or a passion they hold close to their heart, something they genuinely love to pursue. One day, that cherished dream or passion may materialize into reality. It's imperative to never allow naysayers to discourage you or cast doubts on your aspirations. Believe in yourself and the dream you hold dear.


Above all else, always remember this mantra: NEVER GIVE UP."

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