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Kariuki/Luv Tronik

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Luv Tronik, alter ego of London-born techno, tech house and House DJ/producer, Kariuki embodies the very essence of his inner city upbringing. With an unmistakable infusion of dark, gritty undertones, Luv Tronik's music serves as a sonic reflection of the labyrinthine streets and raw energy that defined his formative years in the capital.

Drawing from the raw authenticity of London's underground scene, Luv Tronik weaves a sonic tapestry that delves into the depths of human emotion and urban complexity. His productions are a marriage of haunting melodies, industrial beats, and hypnotic bass-lines that reverberate through the soul, evoking a sense of edgy nostalgia for the bygone eras of the city's subculture.

As a DJ, Luv Tronik's sets are a mesmerising journey through the heart of London's gritty underbelly. Seamlessly blending raw uncompromising cutting-edge techno and tech house tracks, or hands in the air house he takes the audience on an immersive ride where dark shadows and light converge, reflecting the multi-faceted nature of the metropolis he calls home. Each mix is a carefully curated experience, crafting an atmosphere of darkness and allure that captivates his audience, leaving them entranced on the dance-floor.

Luv Tronik's musical dexterity is a testament to his deep understanding of the socio-cultural tapestry that defines London. The dark, gritty undertones in his work serve as an ode to the resilience of the city's inhabitants, navigating a landscape shaped by both beauty and chaos. Through his music, he stands as a living embodiment of the unapologetic spirit of London, channeling the city's dark, gritty soul into his artistry. As he continues to evolve and explore new sonic territories, his music remains an evocative ode to the London of his past and the ever-evolving urban landscape that continues to shape his creative vision.

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